13th Birthday Party Ideas

13th Birthday Candles on a cake
Scrambling for fresh 13th Birthday party ideas? It’s a milestone year: open the door and bring in the teens! Here are some ways to celebrate – whether indoors with a fun camp “in”, outdoors with a retro movie night, an informal get-together just for desserts or all glammed up as a Teen beauty queen!. Be ready! Birthday Party Ideas arrow Teen Birthday Party SuppliesTeen Invitations

Here are some 13th Birthday Party Celebrations from around the net:

Our first feature is by artist / designer and father (yes, fathers plan parties too!) Aaron Christensen who came up with this elegant and colorful party for his daughter’s 13th birthday! Not only is he a talented furniture designer but he also does crafts!  Visit his blog for creative ideas and inspirations.

13th Birthday Party with pompoms, pink and blue colors, zebra runner

Photo Credits: (1) Aaron Christensen at Embellishment Kids.


13th Birthday Party Plan


13th Birthday Party Themes

Some party theme ideas for celebrating a 13th birthday:

  • (1) Dessert Theme Party
  • (2) Sleepover / Camp Out Party
  • (3) Preppie Birthday Party
  • (4) Vintage Movie Night
  • (5) Princess and Spa Theme
13th Birthday Party Ideas and Various themes

Photo Credits: (1) The Dessert and Sweets Party Table by Jen Bowles Design, (2) Glamorous Camping 13th Birthday by Party Press, (3) Preppie 13th Birthday by A Little Loveliness, (4) Retro Back Yard Movie Night by Vintage Event Rentals, (4) Teenage Queen and Spa Day by Party Pops

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13th Birthday Party Invitation ideas

Photo Credit: (1) Day Dream Doodles Invitation,  (2) Summer Bouquet Invitation, (3) Girly Stripes Invitation, and (4) Geometric Fun Invitation.  All invitations by Tiny Prints.

13th Birthday Party Invitations

Soon-to-be-teenagers have opinions and very specific tastes, so include your guest of honor in the plans. Is she fun and frivolous, sporty, or serious? Invitations set the stage for a party and these four are perfect for a 13th birthday party.

Day Dream Doodle birthday invitation. Flowers and hearts mimic charming scribbles found in girls‘ notebooks everywhere. Cool blue-greens cascade into lavender details and a splash of magenta says “party!” Great for afternoon parties and for girls who love retro and vintage stuff.  ….more details

Summer Bouquet Tangerine invitation. Seemingly hand-picked from a field of summer flowers, this one bursts with citrus blooms. Could this be the summons for a backyard movie night or a sleepover, or both? Prepare for feminine fun — sweet for celebrating coming of age for a lass who wants to be spoiled. And who doesn’t?  …more details

Girly Stripes birthday invitation. Bold stripes and collegiate letters make this pink and blue invite stand-out. With a heart, peace sign and prominent “13” — it’s ideal for a party where boys are included, or a dance fest, and for straightforward teens who enjoy simplicity with their pink.  …more details

Geometric Fun birthday invitation. Featuring colorful shapes tumbling down the side and a bright yellow border, this invite compliments any joyful theme. It could be a game party, or one where activities are featured, and may appeal to girls who excel at science and math.  ….more details


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13th Birthday Party Decorations

Decorating for a 13th birthday party can be simple, even with an elaborate theme. Whether your venue is a vast rental hall transformed into an Egyptian palace for a dance party, or 13 girls sleeping over in the living room, some of these tips may be helpful.

Mood Lighting. Often overlooked, lighting is key to the success of your soiree. Keep the illumination low for a mood that tempts party talk. Hang multiple strands of tiny lights everywhere: colored ones for a fantasy or white for timeless elegance.  Another option is to use colorful paper lanterns with dimmed lights.

Fun Elements. Teens thrive on spontaneity so include the unexpected in your decorating strategy. Gather twenty mirrors for a reflecting room, put a hundred helium balloons in the bath. Try a dozen bales of hay around an outdoor projector or just put a kayak in the kitchen, for no reason at all. A little whimsy goes a long way for a 13th birthday.

Hanging Out. What do teenagers like? They like to hang around together. Let them relax on couches, throw pillows and futons. If they’re watching a movie, let them sprawl out. Multiple blow-up mattresses create a sea of comfort for the ultimate spa party. Stage an inviting space — kids will gather and feel at home!

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13th Birthday Guest Arrival and Introduction

From the moment your guests step through the door, you want them to feel special. For teenagers, who are often self-conscious and learning how to socialize formally, it’s especially important they feel in the swing of things the minute they arrive. These ideas will work for any 13th birthday party theme.

Welcome Greeting. If possible, have the birthday girl greet each guest at the door. This may only work for the first few arrivals. After that, she could be busy. Designate a specific greeter — it’s the perfect task for an outgoing friend or relative.

Break the Ice. Once guests are inside, take their coats and purses, and make them feel comfortable. From a nearby table, hand over punch with a crazy straw or a mini-cupcake sporting “13.” Sharing a special snack helps break the ice.  Take each new arrival by hand and point out the kitchen, the bathroom, where to place their gift, where their belongings will be (a secure bedroom or coat-check) and where they‘ll be seated, if there‘s a lunch or dinner involved. A little tour of the surroundings helps guests feel both important and at ease.

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13th Birthday Party Crafts

Tap into teen creativity and break out the crafts. A 13th birthday party is the time to indulge your teen in some arty-ness. Kids are inventive, and for those who are shy, crafting is great way to party without the pressure of competing for attention.

Spark Creativity.  Set up a designated craft area where kids can work on projects together. Spare no glitter or glue for your art table – let no sticker go un-stuck. Hang rolls of paper from ceiling to floor and hand out colored markers. Kids can trace hands and bodies, then write captions for groovy graffiti. The best part -  your birthday girl gets a great souvenir.

Teen Cake Boss. Both boys and girls love to bake, and kitchens are perfect for parties because they’re cozy and easily cleaned. Set teenagers up with all the ingredients they need for some decadent desserts. For a Luau theme, try pineapple upside down cupcakes. If it’s winter, bake ginger bread cookies. When in doubt, bake brownies.

Take Home Favors. Kids like to leave parties with swag — cool stuff they get for free. Combine your swag with a craft tailored to your 13th birthday party theme. T-shirts are coin of the teen realm — handmade T’s with friends’ names and hand prints are priceless. Put out white cotton shirts, fabric paints and glitter glue. You’ll be impressed, and so will their parents, long after the party is over.  Have all the kids sign the Guest of Honor’s shirt.

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