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Birthday parties can be fun but also overwhelming, especially if you are planning for a milestone year. We have therefore made things easy for you and gathered over hundreds of ideas to make your party planning easier! So bookmark this page or like us so next time when you are looking for a birthday party idea you will be ready to go! Here are a few categories to get you started:


Owl Birthday Party Look Whoo’s One

Owl Birthday Party Look Whoo’s One

This Owl Birthday Party theme is another fun animal theme perfect for a first birthday, a toddler’s birthday, baby shower or even a fun sleepover party for tweens!  This adorable animal with large curious eyes is currently all the rage so we gathered a few ideas and set up a party plan all for you to enjoy! Owl Party Supplies  Read More →


Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Teddy Bear Birthday Party

Teddy Bears have always been a favorite for many young and old, so what better theme to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, christening or new baby announcement than with a Teddy Bear Party! Another popular Teddy Bear Theme is a “Stuff Your Own Teddy” party where kids or adults can stuff their own bear or a bear for the new baby.  The popular retail store Build A Bear now offers build... read more


Pink Ladybug Birthday Party

Pink Ladybug Birthday Party

Ladybug Birthday Parties have been popular for so long and seems everyone is fascinated with them, especially the little ones! In fact, there has been numerous requests for a pink version of the oh-so-sweet bug so Birthday Express has started carrying an extensive line of this friendly bug and has also added a personalized option too!  Our Pink Ladybug Party Ideas page is filled with lots of... read more


Mod Monkey Party

Mod Monkey Party

Celebrate a birthday with a Mod Monkey Birthday Party!  This theme is perfect for toddlers, tweens, teens and even adults.  The monkey theme is especially popular among college-aged women. The colors of this Mod Monkey Birthday Party are bright yellow and turquoise blue and helps create a sunny, cheerful atmosphere for this birthday party. see more Mod Monkey Party Supplies  Read More →

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Girls Birthday Party with Spa Birthday Party Theme

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

We have a gathered a few kids birthday ideas to help you celebrate your daughter's birthday. Each party theme has ideas for birthday invitations, party decorations, games, recipes and more.

Top Birthday Party Ideas For Girls...

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Boys Birthday Party with Boy dressed as a superhero

Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Boys need lots of activities to keep them busy! Our coolest birthday plans are packed with games and activities to keep them entertained and engaged, so you can spend time enjoying the birthday fun!

Top Birthday Party Ideas For Boys...

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Teen Birthday Party - 3 Teen girls with Neon Colors and presents

Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Teen and Tweens Birthdays have become increasingly extravagant and sophisticated with the celebrations of 13th birthdays, mitzvahs, and Sweet Sixteen birthdays. Here are some of our best birthday party ideas for planning a formal or casual teen event.

Top Birthday Party Ideas For Teens...

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Adult Birthday Party - Wine Tasting Party with lady holding wine glass

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Adult Birthdays are generally a big affair when certain milestones are reached like an 18th, 21st birthday, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th or 75th birthday celebration. Often these celebrations are held as surprise parties for the Guest of Honor. Here are some of our top party ideas.

Top Birthday Party Ideas For Adults...

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